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TSplus Malaysia Reseller, TSplus, TerminalServicePlus, TSplus Enterprise, TSplus Mobile Web, TSplus Printer, TSplus System edition

New TSplus Editions to exceed your expectations

4 editions adapted to your needs

TSplus System Edition includes the Application Publishing service, the Client Generator, the AdminTool which simplifies the setup of the TSplus system, TSplus Remote Taskbar and the Floating Panel.

TSplus Printer Edition includes the Universal Printer excellent functionality and the TSplus system.

TSplus Mobile Web Edition includes an HTTP web server, Remoteapp and HTML5 web access clients and a Web Applications Portal.

TSplus Enterprise Edition is providing the full range of TSplus technologies, as well as a Gateway Portal to access multiple TSplus systems and a unique load-balancing system for any incoming Web Access on the Gateway Portal.

TSplus On-line demo

See TSplus in action right now!

Our TSplus demo server is in the Cloud and we have prepared several examples of TSplus amazing capabilities over Internet.

Including Web Portal and Universal Printer options, it will immediately show you the expansive and powerful possibilities of TSplus.

Access TSplus on-line demo page

TSplus licenses are all permanent and are priced per server.

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Support & Updates Services

TSplus perpetual license price does not include the annual Support/Updates Services fees. To keep your TSplus installation up-to-date and protected, it is highly recommended to subscribe and to renew the annual Support/Updates Services fees.
The annual Support/Updates Services fee warrants you to receive all software changes, update patches, bug fixes and even whole new versions of TSplus. During this one-year service period, you will also benefit from our online Support Team assistance.

* ESD: Electronic Software Download.
All the products are digital in nature and are downloaded/shipped online. There will be no physical CD/manual.

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